M-A Entertainment Group serves a wide range of markets.

Our company is uniquely qualified to provide the resources and services customers need at any and all sites, efficiently and cost effectively. Our staff offers years of experience serving the specialized needs of each of our markets. For a given market, we can provide a single discipline, such as lighting, audio or video, or we can bundle disciplines for an integrated solution that meets the needs of the entire project. Combining both artistic vision and technical expertise, M-A Entertainment Group is your turn-key solution that is driven by the realization of your concept!

Mauro Amato Entertainment Group can handel all your  comercial and residental technonlogy projects, such as....

CCTV Video survalance

Video Intercoms

LED screens & Video walls

Computer Networking

Mesh outdoor Networks

Background music systems

Audio Paging systems

Audio Background systems

Video Confrence Systems

Nanny Cameras

F.O.H Sound

Streaming music services

Lighting Design & Intellegent Lighting

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